NANSEY Restoration creatively curates water restoration, soil restoration, sustainable/organic farming, ecological restoration and sustainable solutions.

Ecological restoration services

  • Biodiversity Assessment – documentation of all flora & fauna (rapid & full scale).
  • Ecological management plan for campuses/landscapes including forests.
  • Ecologically compatible master plan cum landscape design for campuses, buildings & parks.
  • Ecologically harmonious development and mitigation for wildlife in campuses and buildings.
  • Permaculture based farm / landscape design in the urban for cities, town and parks.
  • Permaculture based farm / landscape design in rural/adjusting to forest for farm land, parks and villages.
  • Waste land restoration using controlled grazing, water & soil restoration (as appropriate) for recovery of ecosystems.

  • Afforestation using ecosystem-specific native species & removal of non-native invasive species.
  • Native species garden/ecologically compatible landscaping.

Appropriate technology used: GIS, Satellite data analysis and Google earth, Camera trap & Bat recorder.