NANSEY Restoration creatively curates water restoration, soil restoration, organic farming, ecological restoration and sustainability solutions.

We reinvent traditional knowledge systems by combining with scientific methods to sustainably manage natural resources (Water, Soil, Farming and Ecology) thereby enjoying it and ensuring its availability for future generations. We use appropriate technologies to achieve the same.

NANSEY (நன்செய்) in tamil means ‘To Do Good’. NANSEY also refers to Agricultural wetland. Water management, Organic farming and Sustainability are the core activities of NANSEY Restoration.

Sustainability of any natural resource/system is taken care by nature’s cyclic resource transformations (closed loop pathways). Traditional knowledge systems manage natural resource/system in alignment to this natural cycle.  Let’s take water cycle for example. All life forms get access to water because of this series of cyclic transformations. This is equally true for any natural resource/system like soil, farming, ecology and living.

We borrow ideas from traditional knowledge systems, and then creatively adopt/reinvent using scientific methods to ensure its applicability in present times. We use appropriate technology to plan, design and implement our creative solutions.