NANSEY Restoration creatively curates water restoration, soil restoration, sustainable/organic farming, ecological restoration and sustainable solutions.

Soil restoration services

  • Soil testing: Sustainable farming focused Physical, Chemical & Microbial Analysis.
  • Improve soil structure, soil nutrients & soil organic carbon.
  • Increase soil moisture (reduce water need) thru appropriate water harvesting cum plant watering technique.
  • Enhance soil microbial activity to improve nutrients available to plants.

Appropriate technology used: Soil testing incl. of microbial analysis, Innovative soil revival techniques.

Organic/Sustainable farming services

  • Integrated Water & Soil restoration: maximize water availability to plants and improve organic crop yield.
  • Integrated Disease & Pest management using efficacy proven traditional methods and microbial bio-control.
  • Promote climate & disease resilient desi/traditional seeds.
  • Marketing organic farm produce & Value added products.

Appropriate technology used: GIS, Satellite data analysis, Weather/Rain fall forecasting, Traditional cum Bio control measures for disease & pest management.